Las Hamacas Resaurant   10100 Hammerly Blvd  Houston,TX77080   (713) 467-9994
Las Hamacas Resaurant
10100 Hammerly Blvd
HoustonTX 77080
 (713) 467-9994

Reviews Of Las Hamacas Resaurant

3.00 10 Reviews
Patricia Juarez
Jun 05, 2018

Food is good like we go again

Nathaly Hernandez
Jun 04, 2018

Jeff Nathanson
May 15, 2017

Not sure why but they changed the name. The old name was Las Hamacas Honduras. We have been here a few times over the last 3 years. Last time we were here 6 months ago they had done a partial remodel, they removed the center wall and changed the tables. This visit they appear to of completed the remodel, painted the main wall and added bar stools and high tables were the center wall was. Menus are new but he menu items are the same, we like the remodel and how it looks now. However, the one thing that they did not change is the loud music at all times. So loud you have to yell to talk to each other at the table, can barley hear waitress. We did get lucky this time and a patron played 6-8 classic rock songs which are a lot less loud than the Spanish music played at the same volume setting. If you go here just be sure you like Extremely loud music or you may not enjoy your visit.

Julio Cesar Mejia
Apr 24, 2017

Juana Diaz
Apr 14, 2017

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